Our boarding service provides a comfortable and secure place for your dog to stay while you're away. Licensed by Swale Council, every effort is made to keep your furbaby safe, cozy, loved and happy, with their usual routines followed where possible. 

Our daycare service offers socialisation and fun activities for your dog during the day. Supervised at all times, your pup or pups can learn dog manners through play with other guests, and any anxiety can be slowly addressed with time, love and K9 friends. 

Extreme separation anxiety can be assessed and with patience and time, can be alleviated.  We aim to help every doggy guest feel as comfortable as possible and for our nursery to be their second home. 

Walks are given when it is logistically possible, and we try to go to interesting places like the beach and local woods and forests.  Your furbaby will however, be kept on a lead at all times. 

My job is so rewarding and full of joy and my passion for our canine friends has never changed.  They teach us so much above unconditional love and loyalty and there are never any ‘bad’ dogs, only ‘bad’ owners. I truly believe that every dog deserves all the love and care we can give them. 

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